Stevie Ray Vaughan Odds & Ends TV Collection Vol 6 on DVD

Stevie Ray Vaughan Odds & Ends TV Collection Vol 6 on DVD

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Excellent quality collection of media clips of Stevie Ray Vaughan and shown on various TV shows from the period of 1982 to 1992.  Quality will vary from clip to clip, but overall are 7-8/10.  Running time is 115 minutes and tracks included are as follows:


1. Alt source of SRV Letterman rehearsal

2. SRV Letterman '89 performance. Tightrope.

3. Austin City Limits 1990ish with W.C. Clark, untitled instrumental jam.

4. Tornado Jam, 1982 Manor Downs TX, pro shot. "Collins Shuffle

5. Tornado Jam continued, different source. Come On, Look at Little Sister.

6. Same, Dirty Pool

7. Same, Lovestruck Baby, Tell Me (which is not on the tv version)

8. Same, Manic Depression (also not on the tv version)

9. Costa Mesa CA, 10/02/1988; Stevie Ray, Jimmy Vaughan, Cesar Rojas jam with Santana

10. Conversation with the Blues, a posthumous interview special on Much Music (Canadian TV).

11. Part 2

12. Part 3

13. Part 4

14. Part 5

15. Part 6

16. Part 7

17. Part 8

18. Roskilde Fest, Denmark, broadcast on Swedish TV, 1988 pro shot

19. 1983 Austin City Limits, outakes.

20. Also ACL 83, Tin Pan Alley

21 ACL 83 Rude Mood.




This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most Gaming consoles and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case, with cover art and track listing.

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