Stevie Ray Vaughan Odds & Ends TV Collection Vol 3 on DVD

Stevie Ray Vaughan Odds & Ends TV Collection Vol 3 on DVD

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Excellent quality collection of media clips of Stevie Ray Vaughan and shown on various TV shows from the period of 1982 to 1992.  Quality will vary from clip to clip, but overall are 7-8/10.  Running time is 116 minutes and tracks included are as follows:


1. Farm Aid III  Pro shot, Manor Downs TX, 1986/07/04

    Change it (in progress), Mary had a little lamb, lovestruck baby, you'll be mine


2. Canadian TV news clip '87, includes live footage


3. newsclip circa 87, CNN


4 Seattle, 1989, audience, this is a snippet of each song performed


5. Same as above, Crossfire only.


6. Kuusrock 198, "So What"


7. MTV rebroadcast of Superstition from the 'Characters" special, w/ Stevie Wonder, Jodie WHatley, Salt n' Peppa, with

   MTV news intro


8. Alternate source, "Dont ever make your love come down" also from "Characters" duo with Stevie wonder


9. Continuation of MTV news, included Voodoo (slight return) from Chicago 89


10. SRV Interview, circa 1988, possibly "wired" - includes lesson from SRV.


11. Continuation of interview


12. final pert of interview


13. Hey Hey, it's Saturday Night, australia 1984/10/27 Melbourne, Australia, Texas flood


14. Lieder & Leute, Berlin 1983, interview, Pride & Joy, mary had a little lamb, Lovestruck baby, Testify (full show as broadcast)


15. 1989/10/12, "Night music" also circulates as "Saturday Night" w/ 1989/10/02 as date, "crossfire", "Travis walk"


16. 1989/09/29 Today Show, broadcast footage without time box (some have a clock in the corner that isn't a timecode, but part of the program in some areas) "House is Rockin'" w/ short interview


17. Jeff Beck/SRV interview from MTV 9/89


18. Beck/SRV with Double Trouble, audience shot of encore, Toronto, 1989/11/92




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