Olivia Newton John Great TV Performances 1989-1999 DVD

Olivia Newton John Great TV Performances 1989-1999 DVD

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This DVD contains the following 18 performances from the ten year period of 1989-1999. 1. "I'll Take You Back" (Olivia performs with Dionne Warwick and the Bacharachs 1989).

2. "Reach Out for Me" (from "Dionne and Friends" TV Show 1989).

3. "Lullaby" (from "Christmas in Washington" TV Special 1989).

4. "Reach Out for Me" (from "The Pat Sajak Show" 1989).

5. "Magic" (Olivia in a flowing, long dress performs in Los Angeles as part of the "Big Green Concert" 1990).

6. "Somewhere over the Rainbow" ("Big Green Concert" 1990).

7. "Reach Out for Me" (Olivia via live satellite from France performs as part of the "Earth 1990" TV special).

8. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (Olivia in France with spectacular fireworks in background, from "Earth 90").

9. "Christmas Never Felt Like This" (from "The Leeza Show" 1995). 1

0. "Why Me?" (from "The Lifetime Concert" 1996).

11. "I Honestly Love You" (Olivia duet with the group All-4-One at "The Lifetime Concert" 1996).

12. "Magic" (Olivia sings outside "The Today Show" studio in New York 1998).

13. "I Honestly Love You" (from "The Today Show" 1998).

14. "Back With A Heart" (from "The Today Show" 1998).

15. "I Honestly Love You" (from "The Tonight Show" 1998).

16. "I Honestly Love You" (Olivia sings while Kristi Yamaguchi skates on "The Scott Hamilton: Back on Ice" 1998).

17. "Change of Heart" (With pianist J. Brickman from PBS Concert 1999).

18. "Valentine" (from PBS Concert 1999). DVD Features:

1. All segments are in high quality and have been digitized and transferred from the original first generation television recordings.

2. A dazzling array of Olivia photos are digitally inserted between segments (including some previously unpublished exclusive pics).

3. Each segment is preceded by the song title along with the show name and year.

4. Interactive menus with pictures and song listings allow you to play all the songs in a row or select your favorite(s).

5. No chatter or interviews between segments; just Olivia gloriously performing one song after another through the years.

6. This DVD also contains 3 full length Olivia audio tracks in CD quality (as part of each menu screen) including "Christmas Never Felt Like This" and special remixes of "Reach Out for Me" (AC Instrumental with Background Vocals) and "I Honestly Love You" (remix version).

This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most PS2 systems and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case, with cover art and track listing.

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