Nine Inch Nails live in Portland OR 2-07-08 on DVD

Nine Inch Nails live in Portland OR 2-07-08 on DVD

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Near perfect quality Pro-shot broadcast recording of Nine Inch Nails, recorded live at the Rose Garden, in Portland, OR, on December 7th, 2008.  DVD has a total running time of 134 minutes, and quality is about 9/10.   Track listing is as follows:


01. 999,999

02. 1,000,000

03. Letting You

04. Discipline

05. March of the Pigs

06. Head Down

07. The Frail

08. The Wretched

09. Closer

10. Gave Up

11. The Warning

12. Vessel

13. 21 Ghosts III

14. 28 Ghosts IV

15. 19 Ghosts III

16. Piggy

17. The Greater Good

18. Pinion

19. Wish

20. Terrible Lie

21. Survivalism

22. The Big Come Down

23. 31 Ghosts IV

24. Only

25. The Hand That Feeds

26. Head Like a Hole

27. Encore:

27. Echoplex

28. The Good Soldier

29. God Given

30. Hurt


This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most Gaming consoles and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case (US orders only), with cover art and track listing.

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