Madonna SEX book promo video + ebook on DVD

Madonna SEX book promo video + ebook on DVD

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First concept of the book portraying Madonna's explicit pictures and sexual fantasies turned up soon after the premiere of Truth or Dare. Unofficially, the original idea didn't come from Madonna but from Judith Regan from Simon & Schuster Pocket Books who made Madonna an offer to make such book. Madonna liked the idea, but quickly resigned from cooperation with Simon & Schuster, (it's rumored that the main reason of that decision was that Simon & Schuster suggested the same idea to other female celebrities BEFORE suggesting it to Madonna which upset her a bit) and took it to Time Warner, owner of her record label Maverick. Her offer was accepted immediately and Madonna got carte blanche to portray virtually anything she wanted. Actually, she was given boundaries she wasn't permitted to cross - she couldn't include materials depicting desecration of religious symbols, children pornography and animals. These rules didn't however limit Madonna in any way, as according to her own words she did not intend to include materials of that kind.
She chose Steven Meisel, (who has formerly worked with Madonna on photo shoots for Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone and was described by New York magazine as "baby of Richard Avedon and Andy Warhol") to portray her sexual fantasies. He took over 20,000 pictures with Madonna and stars such as Naomi Campbell, Isabella Rossellini, rapper Big Daddy Kane, Udo Kier, model Tony Ward, and Vanilla Ice.
Eventually, 475 photos appeared in the book. They portrayed Madonna's sexual fantasies, such as lesbian (and gay) love, S/M, voyeurism, group sex and exhibitionism. The Queen of Exhibitionism opened her sack in front of the whole world.
Two photos were shot in public places in the day: first showed Madonna (wearing nothing but high-hell shoes) hitchhiking in the streets of Miami. In one of the interviews Madonna described the event as incredibly liberating and said that she 'was laughing her head off' for the time of entire photo shoot. This photo caused a huge scandal all over the world, while it was actually one of the most innocent ones included in the book. The second 'public' photo was taken in LA pizza house (not mentioned, however, in the acknowledgments). Madonna entered the place dressed in raincoat, nothing but raincoat to be specific (and high-heel shoes, of course), and took it off in front of all the guests. The owner of the restaurant called the police, but the photos were taken immediately and Madonna with the photographer escaped before the police arrived. If you look at the photo carefully (it's available in PHOTOS section), you'll see what impression Madonna made on one of the guests.

Videotaped materials from SEX photo shoots were used in Erotica video. The director of the video is the same guy who was SEX art director - Fabien Baron /he's the person standing behind art direction of many of world's best photography albums/. The video gave the public a little taste of SEX, but even though everyone was expecting explicit materials, nobody actually expected Madonna to go that far.
The book caused an enormous scandal worldwide. Critics ripped Madonna alive, tabloids were making up more and more outrageous stories abut her. Madonna appeared on covers of virtually all music and fashion magazines worldwide promoting her album, usually UNdressed rather than dressed. In some Arabic countries the book was prohibited and available only on the black market. In 1999 a 45 min. bootleg video from the making of SEX was available in the net.   This is that video, that was originally supplied only to  close friends.  An electronic version of the book is also on the DVD, in a slideshow format.

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This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most PS2 systems and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case, with cover art.

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