Genesis live in Concert clips 1980 DVD

Genesis live in Concert clips 1980 DVD

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March 13, 1980 – Top of the Pops – 3 Minutes
The source for this recording is a pre-broadcast tape, not from TV. Of course this included a timecode at the bottom that I removed to leave a less-distracting blur box.


Includes Turn It On Again


May 2&3, 1980 – Live in Liverpool Documentary – 39 Minutes
The source for this is fairly low generation (3rd) but it probably has not been broadcast again since 1980 so the recording shows signs of wear including a few dropouts at the beginning. Torn between a complete video that had the best colors and resolution but pretty muddy audio-and another that had very washed out incomplete video but excellent audio...I decided to dub the better audio with the better video. This is an inexact and grueling process, but the combined results are far better than either version was before.


Includes parts of Behind the Lines, Deep in the Motherlode, Duchess, Duke's End, I Know What I Like, Dance on a Volcano, Drum Duet, Los Endos, & Interviews


May 7, 1980 – Live in Lyceum – 39 Minutes
The source for this is the recent TRIO broadcast on digital satellite and was captured DIRECT (live) to get all 425 lines of resolution. This makes for an outstanding picture. Unfortunately, TRIO included a very distracting red circular logo in the lower corner, but this has been removed leaving a significantly less distracting blur.


Includes Behind the Lines, Duchess, Guide Vocal, In The Cage, The Colony of Slippermen, Afterglow, Dance on a Volcano, Drum Duet, & Los Endos


June 22, 1980 – Ottawa, Canada 8mm – 18 Minutes
This silent film is very low generation, great quality for 8mm, and offers some nice close-ups. Live music was added to make it more enjoyable. 

This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most PS2 systems and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case, with cover art and track listing.

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