Elton John Tonight Show Appearances Vol 1 1993-01 on DVD

Elton John Tonight Show Appearances Vol 1 1993-01 on DVD

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Excellent quality collection of media clips of Elton John and shown on various episodes of the Tonight Show from the period of 1993 to 2001.  Quality will vary from clip to clip, but overall are 7-8/10.  Running time is 87 minutes and tracks included are as follows:


September 20, 1993-

w/ Billie Jean King

Interview-Elton and Billie Jean

Philadelphia Freedom


September 22, 1997-


Something About the Way You Look Tonight


March 22, 1999-


Written in the Stars (w/Leann Rimes) cuts off a few seconds early


March 13, 2000-


Someday Out of the Blue


February 7, 2001-

Elton John and Billy Joel are the guests. Essentially the entire episode, as they were the only guests. Great episode. I have also included a commercial for a local Denver radio station, which Nina Blackwood was a DJ for at the time and who appears in the commercial.Brings back memories of MTV in its prime.


Nina Blackwood commercial

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Piano Man

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