David Gilmour On An Island live Radio City 4/05/06 2DVD

David Gilmour On An Island live Radio City 4/05/06 2DVD

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A little after 8pm, the house lights went out and plumes of dry ice were pumped from below and above the stage, subtle white lighting completed the illusion of a broiling eeire wall of fog as the strains of "On an Island's" opening sound collage "Castellorizon" rang out. The fog slowly stilled and Gilmour himself appeared centre stage, picked up his guitar and began to play the openng plaintive solo.

The band slowly took to the stage behind him. Jon Carin on Keyboards, Guy Pratt on Bass, Steve Distiliano on the drums. Pink Floyd's Richard Wright on keyboards and Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera on second Guitar.

Next Distiliano lead the band into the Steely Danesque upright bass swagger of "This Heaven" A quick fumble from David next whilst attemping to fix a strap on his accoustic and an ecstatically recieved "Its nice to be in New York" and the simple accoustic slide guitar driven love song "Smile" swept over the sold out crowd like a warm sonic bath.

Gilmour displayed his lung power on the Saxophone led instrumental "Red Sky at Night"

The only real "Rocker" from "On an Island" was next. "Take a Breath" accompanied by dramtic stobesque lighting and Guy's prominet Bass.

Then David started to play what looked like a childs guitar (A turkish instrument; A Cumbus) for another instrumental "Then I Close My Eyes" Switching to a Gretch Duojet for the remainder of the song.

David paused next to intoduce two special guests. David Crosby and Graham Nash's entrance sent the overloud crowds response through the roof as their perfect harmonies meshed seemlessly with Gilmour's and Wright's throughout "On an Island" and "The Blue" .  Nash and Crosby had already left the stage before David could thank them seeming to sigh he raised his hands in mock disbelief before stating "Pretty good those guys!" House effectivley brought down, David let us down gently with the first set's final two tracks "A Pocket ful Of Stones" and "Where We Start"

Set two was what most of the over zealous crowd had come for ninety minutes of David's favourite Pink Floyd Tracks.

Opening simply with a white rotating spotlight and armed with only his guitar and a delay pedal.Gilmour wrenched out the emotive opening to "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" in a fresh arrangement of the 1975 classic. The band proper and Crosby and Nash joined in for the roof raising chorus.

Veteran Floyd saxophonist Dick Parry reprised his twin sax solo in the outro, switching from barritone to sopprano saxophone in a quick fluid motion.

Guy Pratt's effect enhanced bass introduced "Wearing the Inside Out" sung by Wright.

A tribute to Syd Barrett followed in "Dominoes"Gilmour stuck to his accoustic for the pastoral "Fat Old Sun" which showcased the entire company's backing vocal prowess in an extended accapella refrain of the "Sing to me" line affording Gilmour time to strap on his Stratocaster for the closing powerful electric solo.

The fimiliar heartbeat intro ushered in a mini suite from "Dark Side of The Moon"

"Breathe" and the classic "Time:Breathe Reprise" accompanied by close to six thousand backing vocalists and several confused dancing headbangers!"High Hopes" was next featuring a classical guitar outro.

The following number was for most people, worth the price of admission alone.

1971's "Echoes" in a full twenty minute version complete with eeire "Segull" effects from David. Lighting director Mark Brickman used all his bag of tricks to take the audience on a psychadelic journey featuring laser's, smoke and strobe effects.

At the close of the track the stage still lit the audience response was overwhelming.

David and company duly obliged the standing ovation by returning to the stage with Nash and Crosby in tow for the bittersweet 'Wish You Were Here"David Stated that he wanted to try "One of thiers" next as he accompanied them for an accapella reading of "Find the cost of Freedom"

Finally David said "You'll know this one" as the epic "Comfortably Numb" featuring Richard Wright subbing for Roger Water's "Doctor" vocals washed over the audotorium. The band in darkness and David backlit for what is to my mind the epoch of guitar solos.

The house lights up the band took a bow and bade us goodnight. Truly an awe inspiring performance.

David Gilmour’s second set features Pink Floyd songs, and NYC’s double-encore sandwiched a CSN tune in the encore (”Find The Cost Of Freedom”) starkly between two Pink Floyd classics.

SET ONE: (the whole track list of On An Island CD, in order, performed live)
Castellorizon, This Heaven, Smile, Red Sky At Night, Take A Breath, Then I Close My Eyes, On An Island, The Blue, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start

SET TWO: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, Breathe > Time > Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes

ENCORE: Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom( a capella with Crosby Nash and Gilmour), Comfortably Numb.

Quality on this 2 DVD set is excellent for a FAN-PRODUCED audience recording.  Since David only played about a dozen shows across North America, this may be as close as most of us will ever get. Total running time 150 minutes.  2 camera mix.  A MUST HAVE for any Floyd fan! 

This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most PS2 systems and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case, with cover art and track listing.

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