Britney Spears Remixed 10 Extended tracks DVD

Britney Spears Remixed 10 Extended tracks DVD

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Professional video producers took a song that Britney has not realeased and made a promo video for it. They use many clips from other videos and alter them so that her mouth matches to the words of the song.


1. "Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" Remix
2. "Bombastic Love" Video Mix
3. "Cinderella" Video Mix
4. "Stronger" Miguel Mig's Vocal Edit Remix
5. "You Drive Me Crazy" Jazzy Jim's Hip Hop Remix
6. "Sometimes" Thunderpuss Remix
7. "Im A Slave 4 U" Thunderpuss Remix
8. "Lucky" Jason Nevins Radio Remix
9. "Stronger" Pablo La Rosa's Tranceformation Edit Remix
10. Britney Spears Mega Unofficial Remix

The Britney Spears Mega Unoffical Remix  is 30 minutes long and features a remix of every single Britney Music Video made. It contains Many Special Effects and even features all 3 of her Pepsi Commercials.   The total running time of the DVD is 60 minutes.

This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most PS2 systems and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case, with cover art and track listing.

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