Bonnie Tyler On TV Media Compilation 1976-2010 2DVD set

Bonnie Tyler On TV Media Compilation 1976-2010 2DVD set

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Excellent quality collection of media clips of Bonnie Tyler and shown on various TV shows worldwide from the 70’s to 2010. Quality will vary from clip to clip, but overall are 7-8/10.  Running time is 110 minutes and tracks included are as follows:


01. Jim Steinman - Bad For Good (Promo Video 1981)
02. Lost In France (TOTP 1976)
03. Heaven (TV Promo II 1978)
04. If I Sing You A Lovesong (TV Promo 1978)
05. It's A Heartache (Ein Kessel Buntes 1978)
06. It's A Heartache (TOTP 1978)
07. Goodbye To The Island (TV Promo 1981)
08. Goodbye To The Island (SAT3 1981)
09. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Live Promo France 1983)
10. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Norway TV Promo 1983)
11. Faster Than The Speed Of Night (Norway TV Promo 1983)
12. Faster Than The Speed Of Night (TV Promo 1983)
13. Faster Than The Speed Of Night (TV Promo II 1983)
14. Fire Inc - Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young (Promo Video 1984)
15. Band Of Gold (TV Promo 1986)
16. Band Of Gold (Live Montreux 1986)
17. If You Were A Woman & I Was A Man (Live Montreux 1986)
18. Loving You's A Dirty Job (Live Promo 1986)
19. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Live Moscow 1988)
20. Against The Wind (TV Promo 1991)
21. Endless Night (Live Promo SanRemo 1992)
22. Race To The Fire (TV Promo 1992)
23. Call Me (Promo Video 1992)
24. The Desert Is In Your Heart (Duet With Sophie Arbaniti - Promo Video 1992)
25. Islands (Duet With Mike Oldfield - TV Promo 1993)
26. Islands (Duet With Mike Oldfield - ZDF 1993)
27. Say Goodbye (Live Promo 1994)
28. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All (Promo Video 1995)
29. Limelight (Atlanta Promo 1996)
30. Limelight (ORF2 1996)
31. Against The Wind (Live Barcelona 1998)
32. Tyre Tracks & Broken Hearts (Live Promo II 1998)
33. It's A Heartache (Les Annees Bonheur 2002)
34. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Live Germany 2004)
35. It's A Heartache (Duet With Sylvie Vartan 2005)
36. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Retro TV 2006)
37. You're The One (Audience Recording Live Dublin 2008)
38. Meat Loaf - The Losangeloser (Promo Video 2010)


01. It's A Heartache (VH1 Promo 1978)
02. It's A Heartache (TOTP US 1978)
03. Heaven (TV Promo III 1978)
04. Straight From The Heart (WunschBox 1983)
05. A Rockin' Goodway (Duet With Shakin' Stevens - TOTP 1984)
06. Holding Out For A Hero (Japan Live Promo 1986)
07. If You Were A Woman & I Was A Man (TeleMelody 1986)
08. If You Were A Woman & I Was A Man (HexaSonic Archives 1986)
09. Loving You's A Dirty Job (Eurotops 1986)
10. It's A Heartache (Live Moscow 1988)
11. The Best (Promo Video 1988)
12. Against The Wind (Promo Video 1991)
13. Breakout (Fire, Ice & Dynamite OST Promo 1992)
14. Islands (Duet With Mike Oldfield - Promo Video 1993)
15. He's The King (Promo Video 1998)
16. Tyre Tracks & Broken Hearts (Live Promo 1998)
17. Heaven'98 (TV Live 1998)
18. Silent Night (TV Live 1998)

Bonus Selection:

01. Free Spirit (CD Promo Reel, France)
02. The Best (CD Promo Reel, France)
03. The Best (White Album) (CD Promo Reel, France)
04. Greatest Hits (CD Promo Reel, France)
05. Simply Believe (CD Promo Reel, France)



This region-free DVD-R is in NTSC format and will play on most Gaming consoles and DVD Players made since 2000, and comes in a FULL SIZE DVD case (US orders only), with cover art and track listing.

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