Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul Media Collection 5DVD set

Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul Media Collection 5DVD set

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Excellent quality collection of media clips of Aretha Franklin, as shown on various TV shows worldwide from the 80’s to 2005.  Quality will vary from clip to clip, but overall are 7-8/10.  Running time is 571 minutes and tracks included are as follows:

Tracklist / Disc 1:

1. Appearing on The 10th Annual special evening.
Intro 1:48
Medley: 4:13
· Jump To It
· Day Dreaming
· Think
· Respect
Aretha is honored with the award for 'favorite soul album of the year' 1:44
2. Entertainment Tonight spotlights Aretha's upcoming Showtime Special. After talking about the program, she is asked how she hopes others will think of her, to which she replies "she's a lovely lady and a great artist." 2:00
3. Stepping to the stage, Aretha presents her very first TV special (appropriately titled "Aretha!") in 1986, which finds the great diva in perfect voice and at a benchmark career moment. A highlight of the special is a searing duet with premier saxophonist Clarence Clemons on "Freeway Of Love." As the program draws to a close, Aretha is joined by a full gospel choir, and they lift the roof off the place! Truly an exceptional concert!
Can't Turn You Loose 1:28
Shine A Light 3:32
Love All The Hurt Away 4:02
I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) 4:05
Won't Be Long 1:30
Try A Little Tenderness 1:20
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 0:55
Respect 2:45
Chain Of Fools 1:45
(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman 3:56
Angel 4:51
Dialogue segment featuring Ruth Bowen (agent), Clarence Clemons and Rev. Charles Nicks, Jr. 0:54
Who's Zoomin' Who 4:24
Freeway Of Love (with Clarence Thomas) 5:54
Look To The Rainbow 5:10
Dialogue segment featuring Rev. Charles Nicks, Jr. 0:32
Oh It Is Jesus (with Rev. Cecil Franklin) 2:57
Old Landmark 6:08
Precious Memories 1:18
4. Live 1987, from The Taboo Club in Detroit, Cinemax presents a very special soul session with the legendary Godfather Of Soul, James Brown, and his friends. From the moment Aretha takes to the stage she simply commands your attention with her incredible voice! After performing one of her classic hits, she sings a rousing version of Jimmy Lee which is fantastic!
Intro 0:25
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (with James Brown) 5:33
Jimmy Lee 4:46
Please, Please, Please (with James Brown) 4:44
Living In America (with James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Billy Vera, Joe Cocker and Robert Palmer) 2:57
5. Looking absolutely gorgeous, Aretha makes a wonderful appearance on Fame, Fortune & Romance. After a trip down memory lane, Aretha speaks from the heart as she talks about the simple joys of her life, which include spending time with her family and friends, and "just relaxing at home." 3:12
6. Stopping by the set of The Nightlife Show (1986), we are treated to an exceptional appearance with Aretha and Billy Preston. Seated at the piano in her home, Aretha performs "Look To The Rainbow." It doesn't get any better than this! During the interview portion of the program, Aretha speaks from the heart as she touches upon her incredible life and career.
Interview, part one 1:14
Look To The Rainbow 3:25
Interview, part two 0:35
O Holy Night (with Billy Preston) 3:36
Auld Lang Syne (with Billy Preston) 2:06
Interview, part three 9:14
7. Kinney Shoes commercial 0:30
8. Good Morning America catches up with Aretha for a sensational interview, after her surprise appearance on stage with George Michael, who was touring the States and just so happened to be in Aretha's home town of Detroit. It's really amazing seeing the two of them on stage together. She shares her thoughts on the chemistry that she feels with him. 3:30
9. Think (1989, Videoclip) 3:36
10. Entertainment Tonight catches up with Aretha while performing at the Trump's Castle Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. Surrounded by a group of hunky men on stage, Aretha looks absolutely sensational! 0:56
11. Target Christmas commercial 0:31
12. The Queen Of Soul pays her respect to Jeanne Cooper from The Young And The Restless during a wonderful moment from The Annual Soap Opera Digest Awards. 1:04
13. Entertainment Tonight catches up with Aretha, as she celebrates her "29th" birthday with a smile! 0:15
14. Looking simply sensational, Aretha performs a rousing rendition of her hit song "Freeway Of Love" on Night Of 100 Stars III (1990). Slowing things down, she honors Broadway with the classic "I Dreamed A Dream."
Freeway Of Love 3:37
I Dreamed A Dream 5:04

Tracklist / Disc 2:

1. Aretha makes a splendid appearance on The Phil Donahue Show (1990). It's an exceptional moment with the talented singer! Aretha touches upon many things. The questions come early from those in the audience, as they ask about the music business, other entertainers, and so much more. At one point, while Phil is trying to make more of a situation than what is appropriate, Aretha isn't pleased with his intentions. From that moment on, the interview takes on a decidedly different tone. Seated behind the piano, Aretha performs a few bars of "Memories." As the show moves along, the questions take a more serious turn as Aretha is asked about the darker side of the music business, raising her children and keeping them on the right path. Two of her boys are with her and as they are introduced, Aretha wipes the tears away from her eyes. After the break, Aretha is joined by a full gospel choir!
Interview, part one 19:10
Aretha and Phil at the piano 1:50
The Way We Were 1:48
Interview, part two 6:38
Mary, Don't You Weep (with The New York Reach Ensemble of "Mama, I Want To Sing: Part II") 4:34
Interview, part three 6:57
When We All Get To Heaven (with The New York Reach Ensemble of "Mama, I Want To Sing: Part II") 1:21
2. During a special edition of 60 Minutes devoted to some of the greatest entertainers of our time, we are treated to a portion of their interview with Aretha. After hearing that she wasn't pleased with this interview, it's easy to see by the look on her face. On a lighter note, seated at the piano Aretha sings a few bars of "Day Dreaming." 5:06
3. Aretha makes a splendid appearance on the holiday favorite Christmas In Washington (1990). She joins Reba McEntire and John Denver on several classics of the season. Towards the end, Aretha performs "O Holy Night" together with the choir. She looks absolutely stunning!
Go Tell It On The Mountain (with the Eastern High School choir) 4:54
Christmas medley: (with Reba McEntire, John Denver and the Eastern High School choir) 5:02
· Jingle Bells
· Deck The Halls
· I'll Be Home For Christmas
· Winter Wonderland
· White Christmas
O Holy Night (with the Eastern High School choir) 3:09
4. Entertainment Tonight is on hand to give us a 'behind the scenes' glimpse into the rehearsal and 'warm up' party for The 34th Annual Grammy Awards. When asked about this wonderful evening, Aretha exclaimed "I'm being cool, but I'm really excited!" 0:40
5. Singing a spirited version of "Ever Changing Times," Aretha looks absolutely beautiful, on The 34th Annual Grammy Awards (1992). As the song nears the chorus, she is joined by Michael McDonald, who adds his soulful voice to Aretha's commanding presence. Following their duet, Luther Vandross steps into the spotlight with a rousing version of "Power Of Love." As the song draws to a close, Aretha returns to the stage to lend her vocals on the chorus. The interesting aspect to all of this is that she has slipped into a different evening gown.
Ever Changing Times (with Michael McDonald) 3:47
Power Of Love (with Luther Vandross) 4:47
5. Aretha makes a splendid guest appearance on the highly popular sitcom Murphy Brown. Seated at the piano, Aretha performs an acappella version of her classic song, "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman." 6:11
6. On The 20th Annual American Music Awards, Aretha introduces a very special tribute to James Brown, who is receiving the award of 'merit.' 1:48
7. Entertainment Tonight spotlights a celebration honoring Clive Davis, who is surrounded by all of his friends. Among them, Aretha! 0:26
8. Christmas At Home With The Stars (1994) finds Aretha in the holiday spirit, as she welcomes us into her home! She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Her spirit simply shines! As she shares her holiday memories with us, you can tell that it's a special time! With her family and friends by her side, she sings a rousing version of "Joy To The World."
Intro 3:09
Joy To The World 2:41
9. Dressed in an elegant evening gown, Aretha makes a spectacular appearance honoring Bill Clinton, during his inaugural celebration (1993). Singing "I Dreamed A Dream," Aretha is absolutely remarkable!
I Dreamed A Dream 6:19
10. Entertainment Tonight reports from Clive Davis' Grammy Party, where Aretha is a special guest. She looks absolutely radiant in her beautiful red evening gown. 0:29
11. Appearing on The 36th Annual Grammy Awards (1994), Aretha is honored with their highest honor, the 'lifetime achievement award.' Stepping to the stage, Aretha sings a spirited version of "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman."
(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman 3:24
Aretha is honored with the award 3:30
12. Entertainment Tonight catches up with Aretha on the set of her new music video. As always, she looks sensational! 0:24
13. On Soul Train's 25th Anniversary, they dip into the vault and present an amazing video retrospective of the greatest entertainers who graced their stage. Among them, Aretha! 3:34
14. Aretha joins several other singers of the day as they perform a selection of songs on The 39th Annual Grammy Awards (1997). Later in the program Aretha returns with Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder, as they present the final award of the evening.
Medley: 8:48
· Sittin' Up In My Room (performed by Brandy)
· Not Gon' Cry (performed by Mary J. Blige)
· Exhale (Shoop Shoop) (performed by Whitney Houston)
· Count On Me (with Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans, Brandy, Mary J. Blige and Chaka Khan)
Aretha, Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder present the final award of the evening 2:16
15. Entertainment Tonight presents a 'behind the scenes' glimpse into the rehearsals for The 39th Annual Grammy Awards. Spotlighting the celebration, we are treated to a moment with Aretha as she attends a party thrown by Clive Davis. 0:41
16. Access Hollywood is live on the red carpet for all of the action before The 40th Annual Grammy Awards, and then backstage with all of the entertainers who were in attendance. Briefly, they visit with Aretha about her sensational performance of "Nessun Dorma." 3:26
17. During Motown 40: The Music Is Forever, the special devoted to Motown's 40th anniversary, Aretha shares her thoughts on the early beginnings of this legendary company. 1:26
18. Aretha makes a special appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1998), singing "Here We Go Again," the single from her latest album "A Rose Is Still A Rose." After the interview she returns to the stage to sing her classic, "Respect." This apparence is definitely one of her best!
Here We Go Again 3:10
Interview 1:49
Respect 4:11

Tracklist / Disc 3:

1. Honoring The Queen Of Soul doesn't get any better than when you have Aretha and several of her closest friends, performing with one another in a TV special titled "Aretha Franklin: Duets" (1993)!
Dialogue by Dustin Hoffman 1:28
Chain Of Fools (with Smokey Robinson, Rod Stewart and Elton John) 4:04
Opening words by Aretha 1:11
Border Song (with Elton John) 3:56
A message from Whoopi Goldberg 0:40
Coming Out Of The Dark (with Gloria Estefan) 3:44
This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) (with Rod Stewart) 3:53
A message from En Vogue 1:00
I Would Do Anything (with Smokey Robinson) 5:04
Since You've Been Gone (with Bonnie Raitt) 3:42
A message from Candice Bergen 0:25
(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman (with Bonnie Raitt and Gloria Estefan) 4:06
People Get Ready (with Rod Stewart) 4:29
Dialogue by Robert De Niro 0:41
Honey 3:42
Spirit In The Dark (with Elton John, Smokey Robinson, Gloria Estefan, Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt, Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro) 3:17
2. Aretha makes a splendid appearance on the talk show Rolonda (1997). From the moment she hits the stage, Aretha simply commands your attention! During the interview portion of the program she mentions that she'd rather not talk about her father and what happened to him. Immediately their conversation shifted around the subject, but she makes a point of saying that her faith has always been there for her. We're also treated to a great segment with Aretha in the kitchen! As Rolonda stirs the pot, so to speak, trying to get the dish on Aretha's personal life, she suddenly finds herself in the hot seat when Aretha turns the tables on her!
Opening words by Rolonda Watts 0:53
I Want To Take You Higher 3:56
Interview 13:24
Aretha cooks! 12:05
It Hurts Like Hell 5:29
Didn't It Rain 5:25
3. Looking radiant as always, Aretha performs a her hit, A Rose Is Still A Rose, on The Rosie O'Donnell Show (1997). Speaking from the heart, Rosie always had a way of connecting with her guests, and so as she visits with Aretha, they touch upon many things in this wonderful interview. Aretha returns to the stage to perform a stirring version of her classic hit, Respect!
A Rose Is Still A Rose 5:29
Interview 8:08
Respect 3:25
4. On The 28th NAACP Image Awards, Aretha is honored with the 'lifetime achievement award.' As always, she looks sensational! 4:17
5. We all know how much Aretha loves her soap operas, especially The Young And The Restless. On the 24th Daytime Emmy Awards, she expresses her admiration and wishes them the very best on their nomination. 0:57
6. During this segment from Entertainment Tonight, Aretha returns to the role that she made famous in the original Blues Brothers movie, Aretha simply commands our RESPECT as she steps in front of the cameras to sing the title track for Blues Brothers 2000. We are also treated a 'behind the scenes' glimpse, as Aretha puts the finishing touches on the song! 2:13
7. With the release of the new feature film Blues Brothers 2000 and re-recording of her classic hit, Respect, Aretha makes a special appearance on The 40th Annual Grammy Awards (1998). Following her performance, she presents the award for 'best new artist.' Then she returns to the stage for the ONE performance that leaves everyone speechless!
Respect 2:37
Aretha presents the Grammy Award for Best New Artist 2:23
Nessun Dorma 6:11
8. Entertainment Tonight catches up with all the guests backstage after The 40th Annual Grammy Awards. Aretha looks sensational! 2:30

Tracklist / Disc 4:

1. Making a special appearance on The Rosie O'Donnell Show (1998), Aretha performs a rousing version of her brand new hit, "Here We Go Again." During the interview with Rosie, she touches upon many things. Then she returns to the stage to sing one of her classic hits, "Freeway Of Love." Fantastic!
Here We Go Again 3:57
Interview 6:22
Freeway Of Love 5:25
2. Appearing on The View (1998) Aretha lifts the roof off the place as she sings "Here We Go Again." She sounds absolutely remarkable! After a delightful interview with Barbara, she performs "I Say A Little Prayer."
Opening words 0:40
Here We Go Again 3:56
Interview, part one 5:04
Interview, part two 5:12
I Say A Little Prayer 3:08
3. Aretha joins some of our most talented singers for the very special performance in VH1 Divas Live (1998). Together with the other ladies, she closes the show with "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman."
Introduction by Susan Sarandon 0:45
A Rose Is Still A Rose 5:28
Chain Of Fools (with Mariah Carey) 3:38
Here We Go Again 3:33
(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman (with Carole King, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain and Celine Dion) 5:35
Testimony (with Carole King, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain and Celine Dion) 2:08
4. Entertainment Tonight spotlights all of the divas as they arrive on the red carpet for the special VH1 Divas Live concert. And then when the show draws to a close, they are backstage to catch even more of the excitement! 1:53
5. In addition, Access Hollywood is also on hand for the big night with all of the divas! 1:39
6. On The 26th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (1999), Aretha makes a special appearance to introduce us to one of her favorite shows, All My Children. As the highlights unfold upon the screen, Aretha completes the picture with a little musical day dreaming of her own! 1:50
7. Appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman (1999), Aretha performs a stirring version of classical aria "Nessun Dorma," which is absolutely AMAZING - especially for this program! During the interview, Dave tries to pin her down a couple times with his feeble minded questions and comments, but he's no match for The Queen Of Soul!
Nessun Dorma 5:01
Interview 2:39
8. Entertainment Tonight visits with Aretha, following the release of her new book called Aretha: From These Roots. Even though there's a lot in the book, she confesses that she couldn't share everything with us! As always, she looks sensational. 1:58
9. Every year, Ladies' Home Journal honors the most fascinating women of the past year with their annual special. With the release of her new book and all of her other recent appearances, Aretha is suddenly back in the spotlight - in a big way! And everyone is absolutely loving it! 4:42
10. In between those Friday night dramas, this commercial suddenly comes on, where Aretha rocks the house as a nurse with some serious pipes, promoting Prodigy Internet. Wow! 0:29
11. During VH1's 100 Greatest Women Of Rock & Roll, Aretha is chosen as its number one artist! Quite an achievement! 3:23
12. Appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show (1999), Aretha performs her classic hit, "Think." After the break, she touches upon many of the things she wrote about in her brand new book. As Aretha's father, Rev. C.L. Franklin, has always been such a tremendous influence on her life, Aretha wants to perform a medley of songs that her and her siblings once performed on their father's anniversary. Aretha's sister Erma joins in as a backup singer! Oprah joins Aretha in the kitchen for one of her favorite dishes, banana pudding! No matter what she's doing, it's always thrilling seeing Aretha.
Opening words by Oprah Winfrey 1:47
Think 2:56
Interview 16:01
Medley: 7:51
· Lawdy Miss Clawdy
· Dear Heart
· Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
· Shotgun
Aretha and Oprah in the kitchen 4:53
We Need Power 5:08

Bonus Material:
· Discography 1956-1964 *

Tracklist / Disc 5:

1. Following the success of their previous Diva's Live concert, VH1 hosts another musical event devoted entirely to The Queen Of Soul, VH1 Divas Live: The One And Only Aretha Franklin (2001)! Throughout the program, together with some of the hottest groups and artists, she performs her greatest hits and then some! It's truly an amazing show!
I Can't Turn You Loose 4:11
Chain Of Fools (with Backstreet Boys) 4:15
Aretha's story, part one (narrated by Oprah Winfrey) 4:11
Ain't No Way 5:32
VH1 Save The Music advertisement #1 (starring Aretha) 0:30
Think 2:40
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (with Mary J. Blige) 4:18
Aretha introduces her band 8:15
Nessun Dorma 3:24
Rock Steady (with Kid Rock) 3:49
Precious Memories (with Bishop Paul Morton and the New Jersey Mass Choir) 9:24
Aretha's story, part two (narrated by Oprah Winfrey) 2:13
Respect 3:11
VH1 Save The Music advertisement #2 (starring Aretha) 0:29
Aretha's closing words 1:56
Freeway Of Love (with Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, Celia Cruz, Nelly Furtado, Backstreet Boys, Stevie Wonder, and Marc Anthony) 5:00
2. On The 45th Annual Grammy Awards, Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt present Noah Jones with the honor of 'record of the year.' 2:40
3. Upon learning that Aretha Frankin has checked into a local hospital close to her home in Detroit after an allergic reaction to antibiotics, Access Hollywood is on hand to wish her the best as she was being released, which coincidentally happens to be on her birthday. 0:17
4. On The 59th Annual Tony Awards (2005), Hugh Jackman is joined by Aretha Franklin on the classic Broadway hit, "Somewhere." Amazing!
Somewhere (with Hugh Jackman) 3:26
5. Dipping into the past with an amazing video retrospective, Soul Train highlights many of the artists featured on their program through the years during a very special tribute titled "Kings And Queens." So many wonderful moments! 2:26
6. Along with many of her friends, Aretha holds a special prayer vigil for her close friend, Luther Vandross. During this moment from Entertainment Tonight she wishes him the very best, along with prayers. 0:16
7. Making a special appearance on The Kennedy Center Honors, Aretha pays tribute to her dear friend, Smokey Robinson. 2:01


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